New Long Term condition review process

The practice is changing how it reviews patients with long term conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or asthma. We are going to streamline the process which will result in patients being asked to attend a fewer number of appointments. From April onwards we are now going to review patients according to their month of


Fill out a simple online form to get advice and treatment by the end of the next working day.

Staff Shortages & Our Service to Patients

For reasons beyond our control Dr Moss & Partners are currently operating with a significantly reduced staff team.  We therefore apologise for any delay in answering your call or providing appointments.  We are doing all we can to prioritise patient needs at this time. However we can confirm that we remain open to patients.

Because of this, there may be occasions when we either have to cancel or rearrange your appointment.  We will only do this were absolutely necessary and we would like to thank patients for their understanding when this is required.